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How to Protect Yourself from Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation and Regain Your Cellular Voltage

There is plenty of science to back up what I’ve written previously on the topic of harm caused by EMF and 5G radiation. It’s natural for us humans to ignore that which we can’t see, and assume that EMF and microwave radiation are harmless. To reinforce this tendency, the “officials” will say that it’s perfectly safe. Unfortunately, those who regulate (the FCC) the telecommunications industry are captured by the industry itself (financially, of course), disqualifying them from being considered to be a trustworthy source.

Every week I see even more new, solid research with even more nuances. I will eventually learn a whole lot more and will share that. If you’re a research nerd like me and want to dig in a bit, here is a tiny fraction of the available documentation and research on the significant health hazards of EMF and microwave radiation that we’re all being exposed to. There’s a lot of material to go through here and I highly recommend that you look at a few of these at least, so that you have more context and the back-story of EMF’s.

If you want to just skip to the meat & potatoes part, you can just move on to the “Protection Strategies” page:

The Power Couple Podcast (Roman Shapoval) Can be found on Substack and on many podcast apps

Documentary “Generation Zapped” utm_source=_dsa_null_broad_legacy_null_films&gad_source=2

Books, Videos, & Articles by Experts in the Field

CeCe Doucette Understanding EMF’s

“Evidence of Harm Caused by Wireless Technology” Dr. Ron Melnick

Dr. David Carpenter - EMF Health Hazards - Part 1

Dr. Devra Davis—climate change, 5G, The Internet of Things

Devra Lee Davis, Ph.D. MPH Cell Phone Radiation

Dr. Devra Davis: Scientific Research on 5G and Wireless Radiation 2021

Dr. Martin Pall’s latest compilation of EMF Medical Research Literature

James Corbett (The Corbett Report) Non-Ionizing Radiation:

See document: “Mobile Device Best Practices” from National Security Agency: MOBILE_DEVICE_BEST_PRACTICES_FINAL_V3%20-%20COPY.PD

Protection Strategies for EMF & Microwave Radiation

Wearable and home protection devices:

Aulterra also has neutralizers that plug into the wall outlet to for home protection. I use these at home and at the clinic. They also have rare-earth minerals that can be taken internally as a supplement.

2. AiresTech Use code RootChiro

3. They also have blue-blocking glasses, red light/infrared products, etc.

4. Q-Link products

5. For shielding, privacy, Faraday shields, etc:

There are many other wearable products such as blankets and protective clothing—hats, sweatshirts, etc., however it is my opinion that the products mentioned above would be much more practical.

This should keep you busy for a while (you’re welcome😉). It’s a lot of information…in the next article I will be sharing a long list of tips on protecting yourself at home (and perhaps at work).

See you soon in the next article about EMFs and Biological Electricity.

Heith Root, DC

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