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Vitamins and Supplements

Ordering From Researched Nutritionals

Researched Nutritionals supplements

Go to their website Home - Researched Nutritionals

Click Log In in the Top Right Corner

Register for an Account as a Patient using the Physician's Code:


Ordering From CellCore

Select Register on the Right side of the Homepage and Register as a Patient. 

Your Patient Direct Code is:    GSKExjTa

Cellcore supplements

Ordering From Biotics Research

Go to their Website Biotics Research

Biotics Research Supplements

Select Register on the Top Right Corner of the page

Register as a Patient

Enter Provider information,

you can copy and paste the following information:

Dr. Heith Root

14603 Huebner Rd, #5 San Antonio, TX 78230


You will receive a confirmation email and a link to submit your order. 

Vitamins and Supplements

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