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Our Blog:

Read how EMF waves effect our body's electricity and can impact your health.


In this series, we will explore the potential health risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields and provide tips on how to reduce your exposure.

Stay tuned for informative and insightful articles on this important topic.


 Regular Chiropractic adjustments keep the spine mobile and flexible,

while reducing the risk for musculoskeletal degeneration and dysfunction.

Do you suffer from chronic or consistent back, neck, or hip pain?

Do you frequently get headaches or deal with a general "haziness"

while going about your daily functions?

If so, Root Chiropractic can help diagnose and assess any potential

spinal deficiencies or misalignment issues so that you can utilize your body

at full potential the way it was intended to be.

Root Chiropractic offers San Antonio residents the chance to become

uninhibited by physical setbacks related to these types of issues.

Chiropractic care not only primes your body for exercise,

but it's also essential for supporting and maximizing an active lifestyle.

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